October 26th, 2011

This is a simple client-server game developed to test out the RakNet networking library. It is highly primitive at this stage but interesting to see if you’re into programming. You can run multiple instances of it and connect to your own machine to see the client-server stuff in action. It supports up to 10 players at a time.

Download RakGame

Version 1.2 – Dec 05, 2011
In this version, I’ve added text communication capabilities. Basically, the clients and the server can enter text messages, which are then sent to every one else through the server. There have also been several large bug fixes and some improvements to the general layout.


Version 1.1 alpha
This version is much more playable and relatively free of bugs, though there are some I’m still working on. Also, it’s got a fancy new title screen. Yay.

Version 1.0 alpha – Oct 26, 2011
I decided to make this the first release because I’ve got the movements of characters to spread across all clients in this version. Some of the text flashes during refresh and there are other bugs, such as a lack of input-checking. This is very much a development build. There are many other features I would like to implement as well, but this will never be a full game. This one is just practice.

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