Crayfish Journal

April 15th, 2009

I recently became an amateur aquarist and began consuming all the knowledge I could about aquariums. Well, I came across a very cool animal called the crayfish and have been keeping one as a pet. I find that many people don’t know what crayfish are. Through my studies of astacology, I have learned much. Basically, they are little freshwater lobster monsters born in burning hell waters.

To be honest, this is not my first crayfish. I had another one that tragically died about a month ago. He was a blue crayfish named Snappy. Well, Snappy decided it would be a good idea to climb out of his aquarium(apparently he used claws to climb a glass heating cylinder) and he fell out of the aquarium onto the floor, where he walked across the room and died, not to be found until the next day. I had him for a few months and I learned much about crayfish, so I decided I should try again and use my experience to raise a crayfish the way God intended.

I was at a local fish emporium and they had a white crayfish for 40 god damn dollars. Well, if this had been my first crayfish experience, I’d have passed, but I knew I could raise this guy right, so I bought him. Evidently white crayfish are pretty rare, and I’ve never seen another one before or since. Clearly that’s why he was so expensive. He’s not a pure white, though; he has a very soft blue coloration to him, which is pretty cool looking. Also, interestingly, there was a blue crayfish in the tank next to his and he was missing a claw and several legs. I find it highly likely that the white one fucked that dude up.

Naturally, being a white crayfish, I named him Whitey.

All of this happened on April 4th, 2009. That same day, I made a quick video of my girlfriend dumping him into the aquarium, check it out.

Now, today is 4/15, so Whitey’s been in the aquarium for a little while. But, nothing too interesting has happened until the last couple of days. A few days ago, my girlfriend, Sandy, and I were casually hanging out and decided to feed the fish. So, I dropped some sinking shrimp pellets in there and all the fish started feasting. Well apparently one of my danios got a bit too close to Whitey, because he jumped out like lightning, grabbed the tiny danio with his claws, and carried it into his little cave under the decorations. I said, “WHOOOAAAA!” and looked at Sandy, who had a really sad look on her face from seeing one of her pet fishies get killed. We then watched as Whitey ate the fish FACE FIRST.

My old crayfish, Snappy, never did anything violent the whole time he was alive, so clearly Whitey is some kind of blood thirsty killer.

I like to make these journals both entertaining and educational, so I’ll go ahead and list all of Whitey’s aquarium mates. As of 4/15, this 30ish gallon aquarium holds…
2 glow-fish danios
4 scissor tails
1 bristlenose plecostomus
1 cory cat
1 sword tail
3 zebra danios
1 white crayfish

That seems like a good number of inhabitants for this size tank. Here’s a shot of the whole tank

Whitey’s aquarium

If you squint, you can see Whitey down in his little self-made cave under the fake rock thing. Like Snappy before him, Whitey has made that his home and has actually dug it out by literally moving rocks around. Here’s a shot of him guarding his burrow from a nosy pleco.

Whitey guarding his cave

As I said, a couple of interesting things have happened that prompted me to start writing about this guy. The other thing is that he molted. For those of you who may not be too familiar with biology, molting is when an animal, in this case a crustacean, sheds his damn skin and grows a new one. In the case of crayfish, they usually end up larger and sometimes a different color. Whitey is a tad larger and turned a bit more blue, but is still nowhere near as blue as a regular blue crayfish. So, there is literally a full-size replica of Whitey in this aquarium right now made of rotting crayfish shell. Of course, he just had to molt in his cave and so if I want to get his skin out of there, I have to tear the whole god damn aquarium apart. That’s exactly what I did with Snappy. However, someone told me that crayfish will actually EAT their shell if you leave it in there, so that’s exactly what I’m doing.

Whitey next to his shell after molting

Well, I think that’s about all there is to say about this guy for now. Like the ant farm journal, I’ll keep you guys posted on any new happenings. If you have any questions about crayfish or think I should know anything, feel free to contact me. For now, here’s some more pictures I took of him. Enjoy.


5/20/09 – 12:09 PM

Just thought I’d update you guys on Whitey. He molted again last week and he actually became whiter. Last time the opposite happened and he became more blue. Now he’s almost entirely white with very little blue at all. He also got a bit bigger, which is hard to tell in pictures.

I told my girlfriend that I want to get a turtle and last night she brought home this:

Whitey’s turtle friend

What’s interesting is that Whitey appears extremely interested in that thing. He spends all of his time inspecting it and apparently trying to climb it or something. This morning I caught him basically hugging the turtle’s face. It was adorable and weird. I think what he’s trying to do is dig out the rocks under the turtle to create a den. I’ve seen him digging a few times today, so that’s probably it. I’ll keep you posted of any more strange happenings.


3/18/10 – 12:37 PM

Whitey died today. I’ve known he was probably not doing too well for awhile. He hasn’t molted in like six months and he barely moved at all, except to occasionally get something to eat. He was just sitting in his little cave all day every day. Strangely, he had wandered out to the front of the tank and died there, instead of in his cave. He’s been living with a bunch of mollies for months and hasn’t killed anything in a really long time, not even the baby mollies in the tank. I suppose this could be because he was too weak. It’s hard to know when a crayfish is doing badly, but I guess he showed every sign I’d expect of him. I had him just less than a year, but he was fully grown when I got him and so his age is unknown. I remember reading that a crayfish should live around five years, though, so I’m wondering if maybe white ones live shorter lives for some reason.

Well, he was a good crayfish and was very interesting to watch. RIP Whitey.

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  1. nate

    hey i have a blue lobster knight,, ive had mine for 2yrs, maybie i can give you some advice, and hes still kickin. i even know how to tell if there male or female, by a lil dot on there bottom side, plus i love your tank, its nice, i seen ur stand video and stuff so im posted, maybie we can teach each other some stuff, i have a shark and eel lobster tank, had frogs but i left them in there feeding tank to long, they dried out. like the ant farm, add me on facebook nathaniel hembree. intrested to here from you

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