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In this second installment of the wild adventures in setting up an aquarium, I’ll go through what I did to install a 30 gallon sump into the stand of my 125 gallon aquarium.

I get a lot of questions about how I set up my 125 gallon aquarium shown above, so you’ll find everything you ever wanted to know about it here. I’ve broken the process down into parts and this first part will focus on the building of the stand. I regularly post update videos on YouTube, […]

Crayfish Journal

April 15th, 2009

  I recently became an amateur aquarist and began consuming all the knowledge I could about aquariums. Well, I came across a very cool animal called the crayfish and have been keeping one as a pet. I find that many people don’t know what crayfish are. Through my studies of astacology, I have learned much. […]

Antfarm Journal

December 22nd, 2008

  There are few things in life as satisfying as owning a pet. I already have a cat that pretends she doesn’t know I exist, so I needed another pet that barely needs to be cared for. Well, it turns out that ants are about the easiest pets in the world.

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First, solve the problem. Then, write the code.
— John Johnson

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