Amusement Park

December 28th, 2011

This is an amusement park that I created using GLUT and GLTools for a computer graphics course in fall, 2011. It contains a ferris wheel that can be lit on fire, a carousel with moving animals, and a roller coaster with a set of moving cars.

The zip folder contains the executable and the texture images that are applied to the objects in the world. Simply unzip it all into a folder and run the executable. I know the texture images are very nerdy, but I think it looks good. =)

Download the amusement park program


• Arrow keys – control movement in the world
• +/- keys – Speeds up and slows down the movement of the carousel and ferris wheel, within upper and lower limits.
• R key – toggles the reflectivity of the ground on and off. Default is off, but the effect is cool to see. It is accomplished by rendering a second copy of everything in the scene correctly flipped to appear as a reflection.
• F key – lights a ferris wheel car on fire. The fire spreads to cars above lit cars, so eventually the entire ferris wheel is ablaze.
• B key – toggles blending of the fire particles when the ferris wheel is on fire. You can use this to see how I’ve blended the fire textures into the world.
• T key – toggles the set of textures used to render the scene. Some objects have two textures assigned to them and this key toggles which is used.

Room for improvement:

There are several things I wish I’d had time to implement while working on this project. The most obvious is that the lighting engine is very basic and does not actively adjust the lighting of moving objects like the roller coaster cars or the carousel animals. Also, the world is quite barren, there’s no sky, and it doesn’t look anything like an amusement park. Implementing these fixes would have been fun to do, but were outside the scope of the graphics course in which I worked on this.


I wrote the majority of the code for this project, but some of the base functions to implement things like navigation and window rendering/resizing were supplied by the professor of the course, Dr. White. I wrote everything else including the shapes and movements of all objects in the world as well as the behavior of the fire particle system. In addition, the texture map images were taken from various free image repositories on the internet.

If you are interested in the source code, you can get it here
Download the source code

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